Welcome to Rip Van Winkle Adventure Guides

Welcome to Rip Van Winkle Adventure Guides

About Us

We are an outdoor recreational guide company that operates mainly in the Catskill Park of central New York. Fully licensed and certified by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. We are ready to customize just about any adventure you can think of, or choose one of the already existing challenges in the Catskills.

From short easy day hikes to the more challenging high peaks we cover it all. If backcountry camping is what you desire we are ready to give you the experience of a life time.

Aside from hiking and camping we also offer guided backcountry hunting and fishing trips. Whatever kind of outdoor adventures you’re looking for we’re here to make it the kind memories are made from.


From  short easy  trips  to  longer  all  day  excursions,  with  over  300  miles of trails in  the  Catskill  park,  we  can  accomodate  a hiking adventure  for  any  skill  level

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Whether  your  desire  is  to  just  have  a  relaxing experience car camping or to hike into  the  backcountry with your home on your back,  we  can  customize  a  camping  trip  to  suit your needs

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Hunting & Fishing

If  backcountry  hunting  and  fishing  is  the  adventure  you  seek,  Then  we  are  the guides  for  you.  Test  your  skills on  one  of our  western  style  “spot  and  stalk”  hunts  or  hike mountain creeks  and streams  for  a  fishing  adventure

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Do you have a question about one of my hikes? Have you seen trail conditions change since I made a post? Send me a message, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Rip Van Winkle Adventure Guides