Greg Calabrese

We’ve all heard the story of Rip Van Winkle. Well here in the Catskills he is more than just a story.

In 1984 William F. Hagan had a brilliant idea to bring tourism to Greene County; a treasure hunt! Based off the clues in James Hashian’s reworked version of the original story, a 9” round stone with the initials RVW chiseled into it was hidden in the Catskills.

Well my father, like many others locals, became obsessed with finding it. He would scour the books looking for clues. On the weekends he would take my brother and I along for the search. Well we never found it, but that was the start for me.

I would spend the rest of my teenage years exploring the Catskills until I moved to the Southwest. That’s where I spent Twenty plus years honing my backcountry skills in Hiking, Backpacking and Hunting.

Eventually my love of the Catskills and my desire to live a simpler life brought me back home to share my experiences and love of adventure with others.